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“I have known Kimberly Christoff in a personal and professional manner for nearly ten
years. She has been a loyal friend and co-worker through out this time. She is organized, efficient, extremely competent and has excellent rapport with people of all ages. She has exemplary skills in both written and verbal communication. One of Kimberly’s most important qualities is that she keeps herself updated, using new information and technology in the current market. The market is an ever changing place and her flexibility allows her to change with it. It has been shown to benefit her in the many roles she has acted in over the years. Her self-motivated attitude and personability allow her to serve a single client or multiple clients in an efficient manner. I highly recommend Kimberly as a contractor. She would make a valuable asset to any organization or personal experience.”  – John Nygard

“Kimberly Christoff is our niece. She is very smart, dedicated and determined lady. She has shown these traits since she was young. Her first “job” was her own lawn business as a teen. She excels at all she does. She goes after her dreams and has made many come true. If you work with her she will help you achieve your goals as well.”  -Ruthie & Jeff Stilgenbauer

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